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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Originally Just Another Facebook Entry

1. Ivar Avaya Bouwmeester (nah, not really)
2. Leo
3. Dystychiphobia, fear of getting a silent terminal illness, fear of (emotionally) important property getting lost (going up in flames, etc).
4. Caffeine-filled drinks, traveling, music.
5. Miku-chan.
6. SLENDERMANE - Foozogz (when answering question) So Many Wonders (Eurosky Mix) (when posting blog).
7. Enjoyable posture, country looks and accents, some types of well-timed physical involvement with yours truly, innocence yet active (that excludes sluts and requires feelings for one-another)
8. Bad habits, mood-killing, closed-mindedness, inefficiency.
9. Grey.
10. None.
11. To track somepony down. When failed, I didn't do much with Facebook, but after a year or so of inactivity I decided to become active again, mostly to share media with foalks.
12. Pretty good. Bit nervous for the future (school, long-term, etc), my jaw muscles still hurt like crap so that gets me down a bit, furthermore I'm anxious for adventure; Texas, a day of training in The Netherlands and/or Germany... so much to do and see and I'm stuck behind my desk. Yuck.
13. Recognition by a broad audience, but I'll sure as hay will keep working for it.
14. Pretty much single.
15. (referring to FB) I never took the time to change my profile URL to something personal. Hell I don't care about that... (referring to srtacrpg2.blogspot.com) SRTACRPG2 is/was my user name and is pretty much available everywhere. I chose SRTACRPG2 for branding purposes (I guess). SRTACRPG2 itself stands for Scary Rapacious Tea Addicted Corny Racist Part-time God Square, a user name that started out as CRG. The user name gradually expanded (letter by letter) into a more accurate description of whom I was back then. I once wrote a huge-ass explanation on the subject, but luckily, the Windows Live blog I used for it got deleted by Microsoft (it was full of personal data anyway).
16. Bruce Almighty for comedy, I laughed my ass off and the theatrical experience was cool too, it was one of few movies I have watched in a cinema with extended family. Phineas en Ferb Dwars door de Tweede Dimensie as cartoon movie, the humor never ceases to amaze me. The Negotiator... I can't remember a lot of movies I've watched, it's actually pretty sad.
17. If there is one thing that can grip me, it's a good song that fits my mood (or even creates it). Some of my favorite songs of all time are Video Killed the Radio Star by Buggles, Your Faithful Student by SoGreatandPowerful, Sunshine and Celery Stalks by either TheIncredibleD1701 or PinkiePieSwear (original) (I like both versions a lot), Transmit by afjjhsdhahsh (Japanese name) from the album VOC@LOID GENERATION, SDFSDFSDFSDF by DSFSFDDS from that same album, Avast Fluttershy's Ascot by Woodentoaster (and some remixes for that matter)... I bet I'm missing out on some. Yeah, music really gets to me.
18. Buggles.
19. Inefficiency, obstinacy, irresponsibility (I guess, it was hard to come with a third word that did not fall under the category 'inefficiency').
20. Positivity, recognizing positive mood changes, completion.
21. Aside from the basics--an adventurous personality, nice body, proper manners--two things I find truly attractive are a clever/exceptional usage of language and a nice regional/personal voice/accent. Basically, I have a hatred towards generic language and yeehaa to southern accents.
22. In times of boredom, I miss my best friends, yet I lack the enthusiasm to start conversations with them/bug them to get online, I secretly hope they always start conversations with me. In general, I miss no-one--or at least that's what I keep telling myself.
23. This is a really weird question to ask me. The fact I feel the urge to explain what I consider what loving is, but experience trouble while attempting it doesn't make it any easier for me. First things first, loving per my definition does not mean sexually attracted (although it is possible). There's probably one condition that would make me love somepony (by definition forever), yet apart from my mother and father and grandma no-one has probably met that condition. The condition is met if the answer yes applies to the following scenario: if I were to not talk to them for years, would I still wonder about how they feel? What they do? How everything is going? For that love, I've probably got room for about three more ponies: my future (and hopefully only) wife and my two kids. Yet I can't live by these standards, it's too depressing, and probably so obnoxious for the general public, that I also consider something else to be love, but it does require me to lower the standards.
In this second form of loving, the answer 'yes' has to apply to the following question: 'do I want to keep them as my close friends for years and years to come?' I guess with that lowered standard, I 'love' a few more ponies. To not hurt feelings, I'm not going to name anypony for that category. I'm sure my friends are aware whether they fall under that category or not. And don't worry, if you don't love me back, I'd have noticed by now and I can tell you that I don't love you either.
24. Unique. I think it wouldn't be that off to describe them as a couple of roommates. My dad just happens to live in the same house and basically minds his own business, and sometimes talks to me about whatever superficial subject comes to mind. My mom would be the caring roommate/dad's fillyfriend, she makes sure to take care of the ponies she lives with, talks to me sometimes about more emotional things, but furthermore just minds her own and my dad's business. As described in 23, I love them and they love me.
25. This time I shall get the question right and answer with... Easter! I'm not kidding! Why? Because it's a simple holiday, innocent and during spring!
26. Good god. That's a difficult one. I'm going to go with Aleks, because he's the most involved with me on FB. He's also a personal friend of mine.
27. Tumblr author: I guess none...? I don't appreciate art enough to go on a date with somepony just because I like her art. Even including the fact they subconsciously reflect their own personality into their art.
Tumblr personality: Call me an idiot, but her [dark]. This is just one example of a pony Tumblr-personality I would date, but it's the one that stands out the most. And no, I wouldn't expect/assume a long lasting relationship based on the circumstances, but at least a date full of authorized intense, interesting emotional happenings. (Yes, she got raped in the last blog entry.)
28. I have mixed feelings on seeing ponies grow up. On one hoof I am glad that they gain knowledge and become more aware of their surroundings, but on the other hoof it changes their personality and also quite possibly endangers the relationships I have with them. I'm afraid that each friend who grows up, becomes hostile of who I am--my jokes, my interference with pretty much everything, my peculiar tastes... sometimes they change into somepony I dislike too, which is really hard for me to cope with. It's one of the reasons that I don't actively hunt down lost friends.
29. Improper handling of feedback/criticism, bad vibes during social interaction, whining.
30. I dislike animals.
31. I have no pets.
32. Knowledge on subjects.
33. There's so much going on in this world, will I ever be able to get the recognition I hope for? Will my high demands on life get to me one day in an irreparable way?
34. Nothing as embarrassing as spending a lot of time with somepony, some place far from home, and not having ANYTHING to talk about. It embarrasses and depresses me.
35. I work at a distribution center only a mile or two from my home. That and I work for a foundation promoting the Japanese culture, based in Sliedrecht... oh and Woopyland, based in Texas. Obviously I don't visit either of those last places a lot.
36. Why is my every day so bloody boring whenever I don't have anything planned? When refreshing the few websites I follow does not occupy me, I literally just sit there, right in front of my PC, as a zombie, waiting for somepony to talk to or for a site to update. It's just SO difficult for me to get interested in/excited about something, and when I do, it's even more difficult to not share it with friends, whom about 80% of the time, do not care. Realizing that while talking about it is even more painful... am I that boring? Why yes. Fuck.
37. Staying up late, before half past two at night I don't consider going to bed, EVER. I consider myself rather hygienic, always washing my hooves after visiting the toilet, or when I plan on eating/have eaten something with my fingers/dirty silverware, showering whenever I feel dirty... I turn on the PC as soon as I'm done taking off my jacket.
38. Lots of traveling. Life in Amareica. American wife. Proper job. Not detailed at all, but it keeps me going.
39. That's mostly sex in all kinds of ways and with all kinds of creatures. Surprised?
40. Wholesalers and department stores, definitely. Sligro, Makro, Walmart. Oh and secretly one brand of grocery stores: Albert Heijn, because it's Zaans.
41. Quite frankly it's fast food (croquettes, Big Macs). Oh and Japanese: sushi!
42. I had a terrific day cam-whoring with some of good friends of mine.
43. Respectively, the Dutch and English language. I don't like thinking of me as talented though, because I'm afraid that would lead to neurotic behavior. I want to preserve those risks for a time I have a more secure life...
44. The filly digs me (I at least really like her), we do something we both enjoy doing, she keeps the conversation going and makes sure to listen whenever I feel like saying something, we end up alone somewhere, etc etc.
45. Asleigh Ball? I guess?
46. Oh, like there ain't enough of those floating around my Facebook. Oh well, below you can find another one. It was made yesterday night.
As a side note, when reading personality-Tumblrs, I can simply not interest myself in 'admin pics'. Like seriously... I for one prefer not contemplating the admin's looks, rather than not being able to fantasize about them at all.

47. Pony Tumblrs, of which some are NSFW. Yeehaa.
48. Two, probably. Depending on how things work out.
49. Drink, on occasion. The same reason everypony (of higher intelligence) does. Forget about the world's miseries and to get out of their comfort zone.
50. Any questions?


Thursday, July 07, 2011

The 6,5

Here's my go at a literary translation Dutch to English. I received a 6,5/10 for it.
Is that reasonable? You be the judge.


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Obama Speech Analysis

I took the liberty of analyzing the first four paragraphs of Obama's speech on Osama's death. Since the presentation of my findings has been held yesterday, I can now share the results of my analysis with the world. Enjoy.

Oh and here's another finished project I've been working on yesterday and the day before. Enjoy that too.


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Welcome in Amsterdam

The sign, sigh.

I wonder how much effort the translators put into this. All I can say is the following: dear cab drivers, either have a linguist take a look at your concept translation, or lrn2english yourselves. It is obvious that these people were thinking in Dutch during the compiling of this English text. There are a lot of dutch-isms.

From top to bottom:
- Welcome TO Amsterdam,
- On the right you can find the official Amsterdam Central railway station taxi rank/the official taxi rank of Amsterdam Central railway station,
- Maximum or max flag down rate or (less common and natural) flagdown rate,
- Decimals are indicated with periods in English, not with commas. Prices/distances should be (€)X.XX and not (€)X,XX. At least they are consistent with this mistake.
- Make sure the taxi meter is running,
- Maximum tariffs or (yet again, more accurately) rates by July 1 (or July 1st),
- As a customer you may decide yourself which taxi you are going to take/you want to take,
- You are not obligated to take the first taxi in the array/line-up. (I personally would only use row for a queue of people or when it's not about waiting for turns.)
- When present, the taxi host can assist...
- Personally I wouldn't use 'Journey guaranteed' since journey, in my point of view, indicates it's going to take awhile and involves long distances. Aside from that, without the word 'is' in between the subject and past participle, it sounds more like a slogan than a promise or guarantee (haha). Instead I would have made the title say 'Your ride is guaranteed' or 'Rides are guaranteed'.
- Taxis, obviously. Also, I'd use 'allowed' instead of 'permitted', feels more natural.
- Personally, I'd use license plate instead of licence plate. Technically licence is not incorrect—it being Canadian—but it looks like crap.
- Call the National Taxi Complaints Office at/on 0900 202 18 81. Saying 'call me at telephone number' is rather redundant. Hey, look! They wrote "0.13 euro" correct!
- More information regarding traveling by taxi in Amsterdam...
You can call the ATCB at...
- ... or visit either of the ATCB offices at Amsterdam Central on platform two or outside in the Noord-Zuidhollands koffiehuis.

Now, when can we expect the reprint?


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Safety Mechanism

A speech I wrote, explaining why bearing arms should never be legalized in The Netherlands.

Click on the picture for the speech.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Bad shape

Passing the 4.2km mark.

Today was the first day in weeks I took part in a fitness run. The last time I ran was the same run, only during winter. That time was all but pleasant. For good reason I started calling this particular fitness run the "Trauma Run". Together with my brother, and this time with proper food in my stomach, I gained enough courage for a reattempt.

Looking back, it is noticeable that it's been too long since I went for a run. Even after putting aside that I had only slept for 3.5 hours thus not being in optimal condition, I'm still not amazingly pleased with the results. To put it like I did on my Twitter, "I'm in peace with it."
Fact: I'm in a worse shape than a year or two ago. During secondary school I ran around about 3km in 12 minutes. More recently I remember running 7.5km without walking. Today was only 5km and I walked once for about 50 meters. In the end it almost took me a staggering 27 minutes from start to finish. It's no surprise though if you think about it, considering that nowadays I can travel by train or bus for free, I eat too little and the only exercise I weekly participate in is bowling.

I want to regain a proper shape. That, and I want to get a better grasp at running. By a better grasp I mean not just technically, but psychologically too. For instance: I'm not sure whether my arm movement is proper and whether my steps are the right size. For a fact I know that I'm losing the running mind-game. Halfway through after suddenly being able to see far ahead, I broke down and had to walk for a bit. At the finish however, I still had plenty of strength for a final sprint. To me that simply strikes as odd, and for me to become better at running, I need to gain experience.

I consider this fitness run to be a benchmark. From now on I have told myself that I will exercise more. Hopefully I can once in awhile do this with some friends of mine too. In a couple of months I shall look back at this run and compare the results and the feeling during running.

Yes, that's a trash bag.


Saturday, April 02, 2011


I'm the guy left.

It's been a really long while now, hasn't it? One year and several months ago, I wrote my last blogpost about a day of internship at my primary school back then. Time has passed and a LOT of things have changed. If I were to sum it up in one sentence, it would have to be that I have matured. Let's talk about this maturing a bit more into detail.

First of all and most shockingly, I quit PABO (after successfully finishing first year). I do no longer wish to be an elementary school teacher. In fact, the year at PABO made me realize how much I actually dislike children. They yell, they are unintelligent, they're reckless and most of all; childish. All issues I cannot stand. Don't get me wrong, I can be childish too sometimes, but in my case, it's in a frequency that is still cute or fun, and not in an annoying one. Now that is said, PABO has done a very important job; it forced me to grow up and act like an adult... and I have, ever since. I (for) now study Language and Communcations at the University of Amsterdam. This new course has been very depressing to me, and I fear it's only a matter of time I quit this course too.
Second of all, I am more into anime than ever before. Not necessarily watching anime -I still tend to fire up a game instead of an episode-, but I work for a non-profit organization (stichting Tsunacon/Tsunacon Foundation) promoting the modern Japanese culture, a.k.a. anime and manga. I am one of the managers there. The last big event that was held by stichting Tsunacon was the 2011 anime convention at Sliedrecht, where we managed to entertain over a thousand visitors for about ten hours straight.
Thirdly, and it's not a joke: I have a girlfriend. I have had a girlfriend since January 18th this year (officially that is). It might sound obvious, but I love her and she fits me like one side of a zipper does with the other. Other than getting a girlfriend, I made a couple of new friends and have become closer with my true friends circle.
Fourthly, did I ever mention Woopyland? Well, I now run that joint. The old "King Woopy" left after losing his interest, and gave me full admin rights. At first it was a tough going running Woopyland. A lot had to be done, but I couldn't do any of it. After hiring Chris (yes, the one I visited in Texas years ago), Woopyland V3 development had started. Hopefully, before the summer vacation, the two of us have developed and polished V3 and will have released it.

The list goes on. Like I said, a lot has changed since my last blog article. In the next couple of blog articles, I will probably discuss more changes in my life. Otherwise, you'll notice what I'm into nowadays simply by reading what I talk about. For now. let me help you out just a little bit...

What made me write this blog article? One of the main reasons would be that I've had plenty of spare time recently, and am in a phase I want to share my vision on stuff happening in my life, and perhaps educate my readers a bit while doing so. Since one of my good pals Leofox started his blog, I became interested in continuing mine too.

For continuous updates on my life in Dutch, visit my Twitter.